Audi Prologue Avant: Teaser Images

Audi has published a number of teaser sketches of its Prologue Avant concept that is to debut at Geneva Motor Show in March. Late last year the German automaker introduced the Audi Prologue Concept at the LA Auto Show. The company’s representatives declared that this concept will have a considerable influence on the future Audi designs, beginning with the A6, A7 and A8 lineups.

Unfortunately the teaser images do not give away all the details of interior design. However it’s obvious that the cabin is futuristic and clean. We haven’t spotted any physical buttons, which is hardly a surprise as the Prologue Avant concept has OLED touchscreen displays.

The most attractive feature of the Prologue Avant concept is the new bodywork. Based on the original Prologue coupe, it has an elongated wagon shell and 3 additional doors. Stylish concept has a low roofline, as well as exaggerated 22-inch wheels and hexagonal front grille characteristic of Audi.

Technical details are to be revealed later. In case the German automaker decides to leave the original Prologue powertrain the same, we’ll see a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, augmented with a hybrid-assist system. It produces 677 horsepower and has 750 Nm of torque.