History Toyota RAV 4

Toyota RAV4 is considered the first compact crossover SUV. The model launched in 1994 is still rather popular. The RAV’s main (and oldest) rival is Honda CR-V, but it also competes with newer models, including Ford Escape, Kia Sportage, and Mazda CX-5. In some countries it’s… Read More »

Top 10 Crazy Cheap Cars

Want to buy a new car but only pay used car prices? We have made a list of the least expensive cars on sale (as of 2015). But before you decide to choose one of them, it’s important to remember, that: The lowest-price models are usually hard to find as dealers almost never… Read More »

Chinese Car Companies

China is the world’s largest auto market. The country’s automotive industry has been the largest in the world by production since 2008. In 2009 more cars were made in China than in the EU, the U.S., and Japan combined. However, independent Chinese car companies are not as… Read More »

Korean Car Brands: the List of Korean Car Companies

In spite of its small territory, South Korea is one of the world’s leaders among automakers. It is the fifth-largest country by production and export volume. Originally local companies just assembled parts imported from foreign plants, but today several Korean car brands are… Read More »

Japanese Car Companies

Japan has the world’s third largest automotive industry. The first motor vehicles were built back in the 1910s. The car segment was rapidly growing between the 1970s and the 1990s. As a result of this, over the past few decades the country has been among the top three car… Read More »

American car companies

United States of America is one of the global leaders when it comes to production of vehicles. The country has long and successful history of making autos and is known around the world for a great amount of American auto brands with high reputation. American car companies are… Read More »

Italian Car Companies

One of the most significant automakers in Europe, Italy is famous for its sports and supercars, as well as small city vehicles. Among the top Italian car brands producing sports cars are Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati. Many companies create vehicles that are great for road use.… Read More »

French car brands

France is among the most developed countries in terms of car production. The latest statistics on the amount of cars manufactured in the entire world is regarding the year 2014. And according to the statistics, France holds the 13th position in the list with more than 1.8 million… Read More »

List of all German Car Brands

Germany boasts the most competitive and innovative automotive industry in the world. In terms of total motor vehicle production it occupies the fourth place in the world, and it has the third highest car production. German cars won more international awards than any other country… Read More »

List of 20 worst-selling autos in the USA in March 2015

This is the list of autos that can be regarded as the least successful in terms of their sales. In particular, we can mark Mitsubishi I MiEV as well as 918 Spyder by Porsche. Both these cars had similar level of decline in the USA in March 2015. The 918 Spyder accounted for 10… Read More »

Top small SUVs in the market

Small SUV models are really popular in the auto market now. They combine the benefits of large SUVs, including versatility and convenience, and advantages provided by their small size, including responsiveness, affordability, and accessibility. As for price, the best small SUVs… Read More »

Best-Selling pickups in the US in February 2015

A total amount of pickups sold in the United States grew by 13% or 21,000 copies compared to the figures in the February previous year. The first place in the list, Ford F-Series, has faced a slight drop this February compared to the previous one. However, all the places from… Read More »

Top-Selling commercial vans in the US in February 2015

This February, Ford Transit became the best-selling commercial van in the US again, for the third consecutive time. This model was released nine months ago, and by now 33,578 copies of the car were sold. Generally, a number of all commercial vans sold by Ford have grown by 30%, a… Read More »

Best-selling minivans in America in February 2015

The market of minivans generally grew this February in America. The most rapidly growing cars in this segment are Toyota Sienna, Kia Sedona, and Mazda 5. As for decrease in sales, it was peculiar for minivans produced by FCA, Honda Odyssey, and Nissan Quest. The sales of Sienna… Read More »

Top-10 most stolen cars in America

The only official source that provides statistics on the stolen vehicles in the entire United States is the National Insurance Crime Bureau. This is a non-profit organization that collects information on how many cars were stolen in the United States on an annual basis. The… Read More »

Best-Selling models in the US in February 2015

February 2015 was marked by a new model topping the list of the best-selling autos. Toyota Camry became the best in terms of sales. During previous three month, Camry was losing struggle for the first place, and for the latest seven month it is only a third time when Camry… Read More »

Top-Selling SUVs in the US in February 2015

Ford Escape, which used to be the best-selling SUV in February 2015, lost five positions, accounting almost 10% decline in sales. Ford sold 2230 less its Escape models compared to February 2015.The winner in this segment in the United States in February is Honda CR-V. It has… Read More »

Best-selling auto brands in the USA in February 2015

Car manufacturing companies believed that February will be very good in terms of sales. However, their expectations were not fully satisfied because of the problems with weather in some parts of the country.If were compare the amount of sales this February with February 2014, we… Read More »

How to choose a suitable vehicle?

A choice of vehicles is broad currently, and you can opt for than 400 different models. But how to choose the one that would become your perfect car? Some people prefer to choose car based on what they feel. But most people approach such an issue based on serious reasoning.… Read More »

Top 10 Most Reliable Car Brands

Some cars last for years and years and perform well in spite of their age, while other vehicles become nothing but rolling money pits as they get older. Every brand markets itself as the best, however not all of them stand by their promise. Here’s a list of the most reliable… Read More »

Auto sales by brands in the USA as of January 2015

Fiat improved it sales by 14 percent. This is because that the Jeep sales substantially increased, while the sales of Chrysler and Ram brands improved as well. GMC has improved it sales too but mostly thanks to the growth of the Chevrolet sales, while the Cadillac’s growth was… Read More »

Small Car Sales In America - January 2015

Compared to the previous year, in January 2015 the sales of small cars grew by 16 percent The compact cars that have grown the most are Dodge Dart, Nissan Sentra, and Ford Focus. As for the subcompact cars, Versa, Fit, and Accent have gained, while the sales Ford Fiesta… Read More »

January 2015 U.S. SUV And Crossover Sales Rankings

Honda CR-V became the best-selling utility vehicle in the USA in January. It happened again, for the fifth consecutive time. The second place in the rankings was taken by Ford Escape which was outsold by 3157 copies. The third rank belongs to Toyota RAV4. Generally, the market… Read More »

January 2015 Canada Vehicle Sales Rankings

Generally, the sales of vehicles in Canada have grown although not as much as usually. As in the USA, the best-selling vehicle in Canada is the Ford F-Series. Among the passenger cars, the best one in terms of sales is Hyundai Elantra, closely followed by Toyota Corolla. As for… Read More »

Top 30 Best-Selling Vehicles In America - January 2015

The Ford F-Series along with Ram P/U and Chevrolet Silverado take the top rankings in the list of the best-selling vehicles in the United States. The growth of their sales is better than the growth of the automotive industry. Below you can find the full list, but it is important… Read More »