GMC is Testing Canyon Denali

GMC Canyon Denali prototype was spotted testing recently. In spite of the camouflage covering the frond end of the vehicle, that is exactly what it seems – a more luxurious Denali version of the GMC Canyon. It's hardly a surprise as the talks about the upgrades to the midsize pickup started last autumn. During Canyon media drive back in 2014 GMC chief Duncan Aldred told that their engineers and designers were working on it.

What changes can be seen right now? The standard model’s horizontal slats have been replaced by the chrome mesh grille characteristic of Denali line. This could be spotted because the obfuscation was opened a bit so that the truck could breathe. In addition to this, in spite of the masking you can see the lower air intake fully lined in chrome. The camouflage covers a lot, but still it allows to see that this prototype doesn’t have any changes at the sides and rear – they are the same as in the current model. Whether any upgrades are to be introduced here, we can only guess.

Nothing is known as to what’s inside, but it is safe to assume that the new interior has the usual Denali improvements, luxurious tech options and materials. Taking into consideration cosmetic enhancements inside and out, the price will not stay the same, that’s for sure.

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