New Model X by Tesla spied in California

This car is expected to be produced later during the ongoing year.

An ordinary person managed to make the video clip with this car driving on the US Naval Air Station located in Alameda, California. Currently, this station doesn’t operate. And probably for this reason it was allowed to carry out drive tests there. The video depicts some of the car’s peculiarities but not too much of them. It was shot from a very long distance with the usage of an iPhone. Besides, the car was heavily camouflaged. However, despite all these facts, it is clear that the car on the video is the new Tesla Model X.

Recently, Tesla didn’t make many announcements on this particular model. However, some time ago they have said that the car will have seven seats and even falcon wing doors, which sounds interesting. Many people are anticipating Tesla eagerly. It will be produced later this year. As for the car’s specs, it will have all-wheel drive system featuring dual motor, multiple batteries, and various options in terms of its performance.