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The idea of creation “of an electric super car” came to the head of an engineer Martin Eberhard. Having learned, that automobile industry was unable to satisfy his desire, Martin decided to design himself a car running from another source – lithium-ion accumulators.

logo Tesla

Great money was required for implementation of his project. The engineer looked for sponsors for a long while. And they were found: Elon Musk from PayPal and a famous couple from Google-Sergey Brin and Edward Page known for their weakness for everything innovative and unusual. In the 2003, due to their support a new company called in honor of the great Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla, who had developed his own model of electric vehicle already in the 1931, was set up.

Another engineer Marc Tarpenning became the co-founder of the company.

tesla logo

The first electric vehicle was based on a series gasoline model Elise of the Lotus Cars company. Just its contents were radically changed. For example, the place where the engine had been before, the miniature 6381 accumulators were located. This complex system required a special cooling scheme. The founders of Tesla Motors, as is known, did not know about cars, therefore, they began to attract specialists from the same Lotus Cars, which nearly ended with a scandal. In total, around hundred people worked in the company in that time.

The company’s further plans are to organize the mass production of models available to an average buyer. The Tesla Motors team is sure that the future belongs to electric vehicles.

Tesla Symbol Description

Tesla Symbol Description

The Tesla symbol consists of a large letter “T”after the name of the company. It is created in hip and edgy style. The letter is above the armor shield, which signifies the high level of sustainability and defensive driving. The name of the company is located above the letter “T”.

The Tesla symbol tells you about attractiveness of the
brand, power, and speed of its cars. As well as about healthy aggression per conquest of leadership. You read off these signals more narrowly, before you see a car. Dealers will set out the full spectrum of technical characteristics, but the main idea of the brand has already shown in the symbol. Yes, this is an electric cart!

Tesla Logo Color

Tesla Logo Color

The Tesla logo has black and silver colors. All its letters are colored black and enclosed in a silver shield. Its colors signify creativity, innovations and style making the logo look rather stylish and staring.

Tesla Emblem

Tesla Emblem

Having gone through modern lines of first-class autos, one cannot but ask the question: «Well, can one invent anything else better!?». However, constantly, consumer preferences, as well as requirements for modern transport vehicles are changing. And it turns out one can always find a free niche, which is regularly demonstrated by cars with the Tesla emblem constituting today serious competition to the “classic” leaders of the world car market.

Soon Tesla Motors intends to announce its novelty Model 3 in Los Angeles. This electric car will be a response to the 3- series of the BMW company. At the same time, the cost of the new electric vehicle will be $35000, which is several times lower, than the value of the same Model S of Tesla Motors. The driving distance of Model 3 is 320 kilometers. The electric car will be 20% smaller than Model S. The production of this electric vehicle will start in the 2017 (most probably, in the second half). Model 3 is not only a sedan, but a crossover.

The more expensive models of Tesla Motors electric vehicles are not available to everyone. The volume of their sales is tens thousands for this moment – it is very small, if millions of cars with ICE, which are travelling along different country roads, are taken into consideration. The buyers of Tesla Model 3 will be able to receive in the USA and some other countries additional tax benefits, bonus so that the real auto price will be around 30 thousand $.