Top 10 Crazy Cheap Cars

Want to buy a new car but only pay used car prices? We have made a list of the least expensive cars on sale (as of 2015). But before you decide to choose one of them, it’s important to remember, that:

  1. The lowest-price models are usually hard to find as dealers almost never stock them.
  2. Instead of a less-than-$13,000 new vehicle, you will probably have to pay close to $15,000. First of all, almost all cheap nice cars have a manual transmission, which few will drive. To get an automatic transmission, be prepared to pay $1,000 more. Additionally, in case of a high-mileage version, air conditioning, power windows and a radio the price also goes up.
  3. A car made by cheap car brands is often not cheap to own.

Nissan Versa 1.6 S

Price: $12,815

Nissan Versa 1 6 S

The cheapest brand new car in the U.S. is surprisingly spacious. It is often referred to as the best family-car value. Nissan Versa is a four-door sedan almost as roomy as a mid-size vehicle. Although the car is not that comfortable and does not offer power windows or locks, there is air conditioning, Bluetooth phone connectivity, an AUX input as well as a CD player.

Chevrolet Spark LS

Price: $13,095

Chevrolet Spark LSThis mini-car painted in bold colors is considered one of the most appealing subcompacts on the market. It looks teeny, but still feels rather solid and stable on the open road. Chevrolet Sparks is equipped with air conditioning, power windows, a 4G LTE hot spot, and manual transmission.

Mitsubishi Mirage

Price: $13,805

Mitsubishi MirageHaving almost the same equipment as Nissan Versa, Mitsubishi Mirage costs $1,500 less even if you take it with optional equipment (and standard price includes A/C, power windows and power locks). However the driving experience can also be not that satisfying, as this cheapest brand new car is noisy and slow. It is also uncomfortable on long road trips.

Smart ForTwo Pure

Price: $14,020

Smart ForTwo PureIf you are looking for crazy cheap cars with an automatic transmission, then here is one of them. Actually Smart ForTwo is the most affordable vehicle with this kind of transmission as Nissan Versa S will cost you about three hundreds more. The standard model of this two-seat car comes without a stereo or air conditioning. One more drawback is the noisy transmission. You will also have to buy a lot of premium fuel.

Ford Fiesta S

Price: $14,690

Ford Fiesta SWhile almost all cheap car brands have raised their prices in 2015, Ford Motor Company managed to make its vehicle even more affordable, offering a $105 drop. There is a stereo and air conditioning, but if you want to have power windows and locks, be prepared to pay over $1200 more. In spite of a limited color palette, Ford Fiesta definitely has personality. It is great for curly roads.

Kia Rio

Price: $14,700

Kia RioKia Rio has modern styling, it looks more expensive, than it really costs. So if you prefer cheap nice cars, Kia Rio can be smart buy.
However, you may not enjoy driving experience: there are cheaper vehicles that are better to drive. This five-door costs just $200 more, an automatic transmission costs $1200 – same price that you will have to pay for power windows and locks.

Nissan Versa Note S

Price: $14,990

Nissan Versa Note SNissan Versa hatchback has more stylish design than the Versa sedan. It also has enough back seat and cargo space. However, it costs $2200 more than sedan, and so it is not much of a bargain. For those who want to purchase a hatchback, Honda Fit may be a good choice. It has the same interior space, but costs less.

Chevrolet Sonic LS

Price: $15,070

Chevrolet Sonic LSAttractive exterior and interior design, air conditioning, and alloy wheels, as well as reasonably powerful 1.8 liter engine make Chevy Sonic a great choice. The driving experience is nice: bearing in mind that it is one of the cheapest car in the world, it offers surprisingly good-sounding engine and smooth transmission. In terms of fuel economy this model offers 26 City, 35 Hwy.

Hyundai Accent GLS Sedan

Price: $15,555

Hyundai Accent GLS SedanSome auto experts compare Hyundai Accent with Kia Rio. It shares the same advantages, including fuel economy, roomy back seat and long warranty. Still this model costs more, which is to some extent due to a little better equipment (in addition to what Rio has to offer, Hyundai Accent is equipped with power windows and power locks. If you prefer an automatic transmission, it will cost $1,000, while the same option in Kia Rio will cost you $1240. Driving around town is great, but if you get on the highway, you will be reminded that it is the cheapest car in the world, or at least one of them, by the irritating engine sound.

Toyota Yaris L 3-door

Price: $15,670

Toyota Yaris L 3-doorIn 2015 Toyota has introduced a number of improvements, making this model much more attractive. Aggressive new styling, as well as a better manual trans shifter and suspension guarantee an improved driving experience. Bearing in mind that Toyota makes notably reliable cars, Toyota Yaris can be a smart buy for those who do not plan to change a car for ten years or even more. Otherwise, there are better ways to spend money, as this vehicle is not really one of crazy cheap cars.